Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Summary: Muhammad Man and Prophet, by Adil Salahi

This book — Muhammad: Man and Prophet, by Adil Salahi — is hands down my favourite in the English language. It's just the right level of detail and it's written in good, simple language. I'm going through it with my niece and, in the process, I'm creating  a set of slides for each chapter which captures the key points. You can find links below to these slides.

Chapter 3 – From Youth to Maturity (Pre-Prophethood)
Chapter 4 – The Makkan Scene at the Start of Prophethood (Pre-Prophethood)
Chapter 5 – Up There in the Mountain (Beginning of Prophethood)
Chapter 6 – A Community in the Making (1st to 3rd year of Prophethood)
Chapter 7 – The Call to Islam Goes Public (4th year of Prophethood)
Chapter 8 – Objective Containment (4th year of Prophethood)
Chapter 9 – Misrepresentation (5th year of Prophethood)
Chapter 10 – Moving Out (5th year of Prophethood)
Chapter 11 – Hope and Despair (6th to 10th year of Prophethood)
Chapter 12 – Difficulties in Abundance (10th to 11th year of Prophethood)
Chapter 13 – A Major Breakthrough (11th to 13th year of Prophethood)


Unknown said...


Brother!! I've never even met you - but i love you for the sake of Allah. Looking through your Likes/About page.. Its like we are the same person!!

Ok now i have made that random proclamation i can continue.

I am having difficulty introducing the seerah to my 6 year old daughter in a way that captivates her and holds her interest. Unfortunately i have not found any exceptional English Seerah book for youngsters - in fact M:M&P is the only well written English seerah book i have found.

How old is your niece? And how are you getting her to understand this book written for adults.


adil said...

My niece is 11 years old. She learns Seerah at school and at Madrassah so she's already familiar with a large part of it alhamdulillah. I've changed my approach recently to not go through my summary notes with her but instead to make some questions from each chapter and to go through that with her instead. Anything she doesn't know the answer to I explain and otherwise I let her explain the parts that she knows. We do this exercise as a family so it's not just me and my niece but my wife and nephew and others too. I've updated my post to include questions from the last three chapters that we've gone over. More to follow over the coming months insha Allah.

Where are you from Mustafa? UK?

Anonymous said...

Asak, JAK for these slides. Are there any chapters after chapter 13?

adil said...

Unfortunately, as of yet no. I need to get back to making them.

Unknown said...

Yes I'm from the Midlands.

I'm sorry I only found this response today, buried deep in the depths my inbox.

I look forward to going through your notes inshallah.

Not being content with English seerah books for children and a found a really nice book in Arabic called حياة محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم في عشرين قصة.

It tells the a story from the seerah from an unexpected point of view. For example the story of Musa (as) as seen/told by his staff.

I've translated the book am narating the stories with the intention to put them up on YouTube.

I'm 2/3 through the narrations. Let me know if you'd like to see the book or hear the audio files.

Jk for getting back to me - so sorry it took me so long to read your message